30 de agosto de 2012

Casi despedida de Luanco, a punto de terminar un largo e increíblemente buen verano en la Costa del Cantábrico.

29 de agosto de 2012

24 de agosto de 2012

23 de agosto de 2012

Los Cuatro de la Fama, o "de la Fame", según se nos vea antes o después de la fabada en Casa Trabanco.

20 de agosto de 2012

"I am going to ask you to begin our study of Democracy by considering it first as a big balloon, filled with gas or hot air, and sent up so that you shall be kept looking up the sky whilst other people are picking your pockets. When the balloon comes down to earth every five years or so you are invited to get into the basket if you can throw out one of the people who are sitting tightly in it; but as you can afford neither the time nor the money, and there are forty millions of you and hardly room for six hundred in the basket, the balloon goes up again with much the same lot in it and leaves you where you were before. I think you will admit that the balloon as an image of Democracy corresponds to the parlamentary facts."

George Bernard Shaw.
Preface of The Apple Cart
March 1930

11 de agosto de 2012

8 de agosto de 2012

1 de agosto de 2012

Con Víctor y mis chavales aquí, no tengo tiempo para casi nada, pero sí para dar las gracias a todos los que os habéis acordado de mi cumpleaños hoy. Un abrazo a todos.