25 de julio de 2009

"Sometimes, divine revelation means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows", Chapter 119.

I've just finished Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons". I can say it's almost a good novel, well at least it entertains, and, what do you look for when reading a novel?

But there are two statements I would like to point out:

1.- "The practice of "god-eating" - that is the Holy Communion - was borrowed from the Aztecs." Chapter 61. FALSE. Only because the fact that Aztecs lived more than 1,000 years after. The chronic of the Last Supper was related first by St. Paul in the year 57, and Aztec Civilization started around 12th century.

2.- Along the novel, it appears that only cardinals can be elected as pope. Technically, this is FALSE: to become pope you only need to be Catholic and male, even a non-priest can be elected, although in last centuries all popes have been picked up from Cardinal's College.

Coming next: Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin.

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